Step 1 - Cleaning: Before wrapping your slide, it is vital to thoroughly inspect, prep, and clean the surface of your gun. Make sure your gun is empty before beginning the application process. Oil and grease will be present and must be removed. If not, the material will not properly stick to the surface. We recommend using a degreaser formulated for guns to remove any oil or grease from your slide's surface.

Isopropyl alcohol should be used to remove any residue left behind. It is helpful to use a small soft brush to scrub into the crevices of your slide to ensure that your slide is clean. Wrapping your slide with your bare hands may add natural oil or grease to your gun, so we recommend washing your hands with dish soap after cleaning your gun prior to installation.

(Disassemble slide from handgun optional.)


Step 2 - Alignment: Now that your pistol slide is clean to the fullest extent, it's time to install your GunWraps' pistol slide wrap!

There is also a tab on the sheet labeled front (except for solid color & textured wraps). Apply the slide center to the top as best as you can, use the v notches to help center your wrap. Front is applied facing the front barrel. Firmly press the material to allow it to stick to the surface and apply down the left and right side of the slide as well. See below.

After you have installed the wrap to the slide you will now need to trim all the excess wrap around the slide for a finished look. See below

Enjoy your slide wrap

Jacob Semanco