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Sworn to Protect and Style

Order the vinyl gun wraps you want to update the look of your handgun, shotgun, rifle, etc. We carry an impressive selection of protective and stylish options for all types of guns. Here are just a few wrap products we sell in our convenient online store:

Search our catalog for your new favorite design or color. We have hundreds of color and design options to personalize your favorite gun. Our custom vinyl gun wraps are easy enough to apply that any DIY user can install them!

Our Reputation

GunWraps is a partner with MetroRestyling, which has gained an enviable reputation in the wrap industry in the wholesale and retail distribution of color change car wraps and installation tools. GunWraps has partnered up with them to take their Metro Wrap product to the next level.

GunWraps is committed to providing our customers with excellent products, customer service, and prices. Shop with us to find answers to your questions, help search for the product you need, or learn more about our wide selection of products. We’re available for all of your needs and love to help you find the best deal on protective wraps for your work handgun, rifle, and everything in between.

GunWraps strives for customer satisfaction and offers high-quality & cost-effective products to fulfill your needs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality, professionalism, and excellence in service at the lowest price on the internet. Customer satisfaction is never a sacrifice at GunWraps, so shop and use our site with confidence.

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Shop our products to learn more about your vinyl gun wrap. Don’t forget that you can add a matching accessory wrap to your gun wrap purchase; these matching accessory wraps include wraps for your binoculars, knives, and rangefinders. Shop GunWraps, give your guns the appearance you want, and most importantly, stay safe and have fun!