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Classic Camo gun wraps give a handgun, AK 47, AR 15, hunting rifle, shotgun, or any other rifle a variety of colors to make your equipment hard to see, conceal, and blend with your environment. The term camouflage is thought to have come from the Parisian slang verb camoufler (which means "to disguise"). Military troops are well-known for using the various camouflage patterns to blend in with the environment and hide from enemy forces on all their clothing and equipment. This classic look has been popular and used for decades worldwide. GunWraps adds its own twists to common camo designs and creates custom camo wrap patterns to help you define your own style. Choose from a variety of camo designs, including Elite Black, Vampire Red, Urban Orange, Red Tiger, and much more. Personalize your favorite firearm or gear, with our large selection of design and color vinyl wrap options. Our custom firearm skins are easy enough to install that even a novice DIY'er can do it! GunWraps' products are proudly made in the USA and are guaranteed to protect and style your favorite rifle, shotgun, tactical gear, and accessories.

Just like our Classic Camo gun skins, all of our products are easy to install, premium quality cost-effective, waterproof, and add a layer of protection and style to your firearm. When desired, the wrap can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue allowing you to apply a different vinyl wrap every time. Our high-quality vinyl will survive the test of time because we only utilize premium vinyl materials on all of our firearm skins. GunWraps is dedicated to providing you with the best custom gun skins at the best prices, as well as a large diverse selection of unique Metro Wrap patterns and designs!

Classic Camo gun skins, also have matching gear wraps, which include binoculars, knives, and rangefinders. Browse our selection to discover your new favorite pattern or color and express yourself today.