Thank you for purchasing TactiGrip! Each kit contains (1) 1.5 oz bottle of (Step One) Liquid Clear Coat, (1) 1 oz. shaker bottle of (Step Two) Glass Clear Grip and (1) foam application brush.

Step 1 - Cleaning: Before applying TactiGrip, it is vital to thoroughly inspect, prep, and clean the surface of your gun. Make sure your gun is empty before beginning the application process. Oil and grease will be present and must be removed. If not, the liquid and grip will not properly stick to the surface.

Isopropyl alcohol should be used to remove any residue left behind. It is helpful to use a small soft brush to scrub into the crevices of your handgun to ensure that your gun is clean.


Step 2 - Applying Liquid Clear Coat to Brush: Pump the sprayer on Liquid Clear Coat bottle into a disposable towel to ensure the liquid is freely spraying from bottle. Once liquid is freely spraying from bottle, spray a generous amount of the liquid onto the end of the application brush (repeat as necessary).


Step 3 - Applying Liquid Clear Coat to desired grip area: Carefully apply a thin coat of liquid to the area where you will be applying the grip. Masking tape may be used to prevent liquid from getting outside of desired grip area.

Step 4 - Applying Glass Clear Grip: Remove the blue rubber cap from shaker bottle. While the liquid is still wet, tip the shaker bottle over and gently shake the fine glass grip pieces onto the liquid. The glass will stick to the liquid. 
Step 5 - Drying: Allow grip to dry for 45 minutes

Step 6 - Applying Overcoat: Repeat Step 3. If masking tape was used, remove the tape after applying the second coat.


Step 7 - Drying: Allow grip to dry for 45 minutes

Step 8 - Your Grip is ready for use! 


Zachary Spezia