As a gun enthusiast, you should keep your firearms in top condition for as long as possible. Keeping your firearms in the best condition increases longevity, reliability, performance, and resale value, and decreases the likelihood of accidents. Wrapping your firearm with vinyl is a popular choice for improving all these qualities.

What are Vinyl Wraps?

Vinyl wraps are premium vinyl sheets with an adhesive backing that can change your firearm's exterior color or appearance. By covering the existing finish with vibrant or subdued graphics and colors, gun wraps offer a simple way to personalize your firearm. Installing gun wraps does not call for sanding, primer, or surface preparation, unlike conventional painting, cerakote, hydro dipping, or airbrushing.
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Gun Wraps Longevity

Gun skin vinyl wraps are prominent for their toughness and longevity. Premium vinyl used to create GunWraps wraps is waterproof, non-reflective, simple to install, and has excellent surface protection, which includes shielding firearms from rust and corrosion. Learn more about how gun wraps help protect firearms from rust and corrosion. The vinyl is printed with a matte top layer finish to protect the surface's quality.
GunWraps vinyl is made to withstand challenging environments and repeated use without deteriorating or peeling. Our gun wraps can offer your firearm long-lasting protection if installed and maintained correctly. With the correct upkeep and care, our gun wraps can shield your gun for at least five years or longer.
Thankfully, GunWraps vinyl wraps are designed to withstand abuse, and they resist wear and tear even when exposed to hot or cold weather, rough handling, and regular use. After years of hunting in demanding conditions, your gun will still look its best.

USA Made

The fact that GunWraps uses premium, American-made materials is one of the reasons they can guarantee such a lengthy lifespan for their vinyl wraps. Unlike less expensive overseas alternatives, GunWraps uses only the best product vinyl materials, and you can find detailed information on the cost of gun wraps on our website. For GunWraps, we are all about quality, consistency, customization, and the 2nd Amendment. GunWraps chooses to use American-made material because we love our country and the quality it gives to our customers.

How To Maximize Your Longevity

It would be best to take good care of your firearms after investing time and money in vinyl wraps to ensure they last as long as possible. Cleaning is an essential maintenance component to owning gun skin vinyl wraps, and these steps will help keep your gun vinyl wraps clean and in brand-new condition.
  1. Gather your materials: You'll need a few things to clean your gun wraps. We suggest getting a Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Contact Gun Cleaner 11oz, a bottle of Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Oil (4 ounces), and a bottle of Tactigrip Liquid Grip For Firearm.
  2. Unload your firearm: Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions on unloading before cleaning the vinyl wraps on your guns.
  3. Apply the gun cleaner by misting the vinyl wrap with the Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Contact Gun Cleaner 11oz, being careful not to mist the gun's internal parts. The cleaner will remove any carbon buildup or other debris on the vinyl wrap. Scrub the vinyl wrap: Gently scrub the vinyl wrap using a soft-bristled brush to remove any dirt or debris. Avoid scrubbing too vigorously, as this could harm the vinyl wrap. Remove any last traces of dirt or debris with a microfiber cloth.
  4. Rinse the vinyl wrap: After cleaning the vinyl wrap, use a spray bottle of water to remove any cleaner or debris that may have remained. Make sure to rinse well to get rid of all cleaner residue.
  5. Dry the vinyl wrap: To completely dry the vinyl wrap, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth. This will lessen the likelihood of water stains or streaks.
  6. Spray the Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Oil 4oz onto the moving parts of your firearm after the vinyl wrap has dried. By lubricating the internal components, you can reduce corrosion.
  7. Apply liquid grip: To regain your grip on your vinyl wraps after cleaning and lubricating your gun, use Tactigrip Liquid Grip For Firearm and Mag. Dab it on your fingertips, then rub it over the vinyl wrap.
Following these instructions, you can maintain your gun vinyl wraps' fresh appearance and proper operation. High-quality products like Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Contact Gun Cleaner 11oz and Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Oil 4oz will help protect your firearm from corrosion and other damage while ensuring that your vinyl wraps last as long as possible.
AR 15 Vietnam Tiger Stripe Original Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


GunWraps provides accessories like rangefinders, binoculars, scope wraps, and Thermacell vinyl wraps for guns. These accessories are created to be just as durable as their gun wrap counterparts and are made from the same premium American-made vinyl. They can withstand as much abuse and weather as gun skins, ensuring your entire kit lasts for years while looking great.

Styling With Us, Means Styling With The Best

We only offer American-made vinyl gun wraps of the highest caliber. With the proper maintenance, our custom gun wraps offer your firearm long-lasting protection and customization. To find your gun skin and gun accessory, browse our collections of AR 15s, AK 47s, shotguns, rifles, and more!


Q: Can I use any cleaner on the vinyl wraps on my guns?

A: Using cleaners specifically for vinyl wraps is advised, like Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Contact Gun Cleaner.

Q: Will using abrasive chemicals to clean my gun vinyl wraps harm the fabric?

A: The vinyl wraps can be damaged by using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, which can cause them to peel or fade. It's crucial to use a gentle cleaner and stay away from harsh substances.

Q: How frequently should I clean the vinyl wraps on my guns?

A: To keep your gun vinyl wraps looking suitable and lasting long, you should clean them after each use.

Q: Do I require a special kit to apply vinyl wraps to guns?

While not necessary, a gun wrap application kit can facilitate the process and guarantee a smooth application without endangering the vinyl wraps. For more on whether you need professional installation or can DIY, visit Do Gun Wraps Require Professional Installation or Can I DIY?

Q: Can vinyl wraps for firearms be easily removed?

A: Gun vinyl wraps are simple to remove without damaging the underlying surface or leaving residue behind. It is advised to adhere to the manufacturer's removal guidelines, though.
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