AR 15 Mag & Mag Well Vivid Hex Blue Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Includes one AR-15 Mag & Well wrap kit with detailed instructions.

AR-15 Mag & Well Installation Guide

Color(s): Blue and Dark


Vivid Hex Blue AR 15 Mag & Mag Well skins feature a honeycomb design full of colored hexagon shapes on a black background. This is GunWraps variation to the classic honeycomb pattern, but with an added cool, futuristic look. The contrast of the blue colored outlines of the hexagon shapes with the dark background gives any of your favorite equipment that cool and sleek appearance you've been searching for. Vivid Hex Blue AR 15 Mag & Mag Well wraps are durable and protect your favorite AR 15 Mag & Mag Well from scratches and scuffs. We print and apply a matte top coating to all AR 15 Mag & Mag Well Vivid Hex Blue skins to protect the surface's quality. All AR 15 Mag & Mag Well wraps in direct sunshine can last up to five years or more without losing their vibrant colors.

GunWraps products are proudly made in the USA, are easy to install, waterproof, non-reflective, and high-quality. Show off your style and give your firearms and gear a unique personalized look. Protect, arm, and style your favorite gun today.

Media Specs
  • Pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding and repositioning
  • End-use temp 225°F
  • Expected performance life of 8 years
  • Conforms to many shapes, trim excess to fit
  • Clean removability
  • Waterproof matte non-glare finish
  • GunWraps is proudly made in the USA
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