Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Oil 4oz


Includes one wrap kit with detailed instructions.

Installation Guide



With its unique blend of oil and petroleum-extracted additives, Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil creates a lubricant especially designed for firearms with high heat, friction, and volume.

Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil is designed for semi-auto rifles, shotguns, and pistols as well as full auto firearms and suppressors. Superior burn-off resistance is provided. In all shooting situations, its polymeric layer significantly lowers wear and shields metal from rust and moisture.

Cleaning up powder residue, copper, and carbon fouling is made far easier by using Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil on bores, bolt carriers, and gas pistons. Suppressor baffles and mounts should be lightly coated to prevent carbon buildup and to make cleaning quicker and easier. It prevents drying for use in long-term storage and neutralizes acids from fingerprints. All high heat, high usage weapons and NFA components benefit greatly from the lubrication provided by Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil.

Key Benefits

  • Developed for firearms that fire at high volume, full auto, and under suppressed conditions
  • Safeguards metal components against corrosion, wear, and moisture under adverse circumstances
  • Provides maximum heat resistance
  • Better blowback resistance keeps grease away from your face and off of your glasses.
Media Specs
  • Pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding and repositioning
  • End-use temp 225°F
  • Expected performance life of 8 years
  • Conforms to many shapes, trim excess to fit
  • Clean removability
  • Waterproof matte non-glare finish
  • GunWraps is proudly made in the USA
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